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As I have been applying eyelash extensions for over nine years, I have seen and diagnosed many eyelash extension concerns.  People have lots of questions about lash extensions and I’d like to talk about some of the ways that you can increase the healthy life of your eyelash extensions.

Home Care:  Clean and Maintain

While its important to be gentle to your lash extensions, its very important to keep them clean.  Otherwise, excess oils can build up and break down the effectiveness of the adhesive bond.

I recommend cleansing, conditioning and maintenance products for my lash lovers to use at home to help their lashes look and feel their best and wear well.

Lash Concerns:  Dry & Itchy

Aside from cleaning, if your lashes feel dry you can use a spray or brush on conditioner.  For this, I recommend an organic product that contains silk protein.  We want our lashes to feel soft and flexible, which not only helps them stay on, but also makes them feel better to wear.

Some lash lovers experience itchiness and for this, I recommend another product which hydrates and soothes the eye.  It’s organic and not expensive, and yet, it will also help the overall wearability and comfort of the lash extension.

Lash Concern:  Lack of Stick

Another factor that can influence the last of your lashes are the other products you use at home.  These products, which can interfere with the bond of your eyelash extensions include shampoo, conditioner, make up remover, eye cream or face cream. Some oils in products will interact and deteriorate the lash adhesive bond.  So, if you’re having a problem maintaining your lashes, you might try changing products — or speaking with a lash expert for recommendations.

Lash Concerns:  Sleep Position

How you sleep can effect the wear of your lashes and if you notice you generally lose more lashes on one side than the other, it might be caused by your sleeping pattern.  We carry cute and comfy sleep goggles, which are not expensive and will help protect your lash investment.

Lash Concerns:  Other Issues

If you are having problems with your lashes lasting, it can also be your body chemistry interacting with the type of adhesive being used.  This is generally pretty rare, but its possible.  Lastly, the expertise with which your lashes are applied and the quality of the materials used – both the lashes and the adhesive – are factors in the lifetime of your lashes.  I advocate the use of the highest quality products to ensure the last and comfort of the lashes and the health of my lash lovers.

How Long Should Lash Extensions Last?

Generally, my clients come every two weeks to have their lashes filled (just like nail fills) in order to maintain a full set.  Without touch ups, a full set (the size of which varies according to the stylist) can last up to four weeks; however, each week you will lose lashes due to two factors:  the natural life of your own hair (every hair on the body falls out – lashes included!) and wear and tear.  So, while your set may last four weeks, without touch ups, you probably will not have many lashes left at that time.

I have lash lovers who have been having lashes applied for years.  Lash extensions are comfortable, easy to wear and look beautiful!

If you have questions about any of the above, please feel free to contact me!