“Makeup should enhance your beauty, not cover it.  As I like to say, healthy is beautiful.  When we look and feel good, we glow!” – Reisa

Makeup/Product Consultation and Instruction

Come in for a “hands on” service which includes your home application instruction along with expert recommendations for color, styling and product.

75 Minutes – $75

Makeup Application

Discuss your wants, needs and desires and receive an expert makeup application for day, evening or special occasion.

45 Minutes – $55

Book an Appointment

Here are some questions to take into consideration:

What type of makeup are you looking for?  Daytime?  Workplace?  Evening?  Special event?
Are you seeking a new look?
Have you changed your hair color?
Would you like to update your style?
Are you re-entering the workplace or the dating world?

The answers to these questions will dictate the type and style of product used.

When it comes to makeup, I offer two distinct services.

First, as a make up artist and image consultant, I offer makeup application on a per-event basis.  When doing so, I use a variety of brands including Jane Iredale, Everyday Minerals, Mineral Mine and MAC, combining what works best for you to achieve the desired result.

Secondly, I offer makeup application instruction to assist you in choosing and applying your makeup in order to achieve an updated, comfortable look that you can duplicate at home with ease.  Many women have confided that they would like to use products — and would — if they knew which colors, what brands and how to use them.  That’s where I can help.

I can create a pallet and design a look that works for your coloring and your skin type.  This program will be easy and take a short amount of time.  Optimally, no more than five to seven minutes.  I prefer mineral makeup – whether that be dry or liquid—because it has antibacterial properties, is beneficial to skin, and has an excellent shelf life.