Why choose waxing over shaving?waxing with flowers

Many times, people are afraid of being waxed, thinking that it’s going to be painful.  These people arrive at the spa and look at me sideways, trying to figure out how bad its going to be – especially women showing up to have a Brazilian waxing for the first time.  I always tell them this:  I’m going to use every available method to make the service as comfortable as possible and, perhaps most importantly, we will proceed towards bare everywhere but will stop if they are too uncomfortable.  This usually allows the client to take a deep breath and calm down. Fortunately, 99.9% of customers make it through citing that Brazilian waxing is not as painful as they thought it would be.

So, what are the benefits of waxing?

Waxing lasts longer.  You will be without hair longer when you wax since waxing pulls the hair out from the root and it has to regrow itself from within your skin while shaving or using a depilitory only removed the hair at the surface level. Generally for three to five weeks.

No nubs.  Since the hair must regrow itself from within when it is waxed, you will not have nubs and the regrowth will not be itchy and irritating.

Less hair over time.  Over time with repeated waxings, hair follicles may suffer damage and will not regrow, therefore resulting in less hair.

Comparatively low cost or investment of money and time. Waxing is much less costly and less painful than other hair removal treatments like laser (which requires numerous applications and is still very costly) or electrolysis, which also requires multiple visits, is costly and uncomfortable.

Minimal discomfort.  As compared to electrolysis and laser, waxing is more comfortable and is performed quickly and easily.

From brows to bikinis and everywhere in between, all in all, waxing is a great way to get rid of unwanted hair.  Questions about waxing?  Please feel free to leave a comment or contact us at 518-885-9145.  So, go ahead and get smooth!