Most times, the first thing we see when we look at someone is a their face and when we think face we see skin. The condition of our skin defines our age, our health, and our self care. Its beauty: clarity, brightness, color and texture speak about who we are and influence our feelings about ourselves including our self esteem and self confidence. So how can we have the best skin?

  1. Professional Care: People often ask me how often they should receive a facial. Once a month if you can or as often as you can afford. If you are receiving excellent care you should be able to see a difference in your skin.
  2. Home Care: Professional care should be augmented and followed up by excellent home care with products recommended by your aesthetician, who can offer you professional products specifically targeted to maximize the benefits for your concerns and skin type. These products do not have to be super fancy or super expensive.  Just effective. And just how much you do at home – like using a mask, for example – is dependent upon what you will actually do. If you’re receiving professional care regularly, it should be enough to cleanse, moisturize, scrub and utilize a toner to balance pH especially if your skin is oily.
  3. Diet: Obviously, what you eat factors into your overall health and the health of your skin. Vitamins, minerals and supplements have a significant effect upon our skin’s behavior and glow. It’s important to use moderation when consuming alcohol and sugar in the diet and to stock up on protein and vegetables with a dose of fruit in moderation.
  4. Exercise: Are you sweating out toxins? Increasing your blood flow? Altering your body temperature, heart rate, and oxygen levels? Again, this is highly beneficial to glowing, clear skin. Exercise helps us clean the skin from the inside out.
  5. Rest and Relaxation: Having the proper amount of rest and creating space and time to relax are also key to having beautiful skin.
  6. Water! Hydration is very important to the health of your skin and keeps your skin looking and feeling soft and supple so make sure that you’re consuming about 8 glasses of water per day.

So there you have it!  Six easy guidelines to follow for the path to the best skin of your life!  Any questions? Ask away!