Do you ever worry about how much time you’re spending to get ready?

Why do we, as females, spend so much time getting ready?

This morning, as I planned for my pre-work, hour-long workout, I started to think about all the things I had to do before leaving my house and the amount of time it would take. Working backwards, I had to allow time to get to the gym, time to get home from the gym, and then about an hour to shower and get ready for work. An hour to get ready? Really?

It’s not like I’m a very high maintenance person:  I don’t blow dry or straighten my hair. My fingernails are my own, and are often bitten. I don’t shave my legs more than once a month. So why do I require an hour to get ready for work?

Somehow between showering, putting on a small amount of makeup and carefully applying tanning lotion, I use up an hour of my day. How can this be? Why do females spend so much time getting ready in the morning?  Shouldn’t I be spending that time reading to better my vocabulary or learning about current events?

I began to wonder about the reason why I do this.  Do we as women spend time getting ready in hopes of attracting a potential mate? I personally am heterosexual, so is the motivation to preen about receiving male attention?  The only problem with this theory is that I work at a day spa. Not that men don’t go to spas, but I probably see one male to every twenty females… and often times it’s the UPS guy. The owner of the spa and I both enjoy trying out new makeup techniques or style ideas and complimenting each other in an environment where we rarely see men.  So, it’s not about that.  So why do we do it?

I came to the simple realization that it just feels good to feel pretty. Whether it takes you ten minutes, an hour, or more, it just feels good to look nice and know you look nice. At first, I was a little dismayed at how long I was taking to get ready, but it feels good to step out the door with confidence, feeling positive about the image you are displaying to the world. I also notice that when I look nice, I tend to sit up straighter and even reach for healthier snacks. It’s as though I can’t allow my image to be tarnished by these otherwise tempting behaviors!

That hour I was originally berating myself for wasting, makes the whole rest of my day more positive.  So ladies, don’t let someone rush you, and don’t rush yourself.  There’s nothing wrong with sweats and yoga pants (except maybe in the workplace) and you don’t necessarily need to get a full blowout and wear heels every single day. Beauty means something different to everyone, so take a few minutes — or an hour — to do whatever it is that makes you feel pretty. You won’t regret it!