lash 6

“How many eyelash extensions can I have?”

I have been applying eyelash extensions since 2006, so, as you can imagine, I have answered many, many questions about eyelashes.  But yesterday, a client came in and voiced a question that I think many people wonder about but no one had asked before:  “How many lashes can I have?”  She went on to express that she wanted as many lashes as possible.

So, let’s talk traditional eyelash extensions which are applied on a one to one basis.  With traditional one-to-one ratio eyelash extension to natural lash, the governing factor is the number of natural eyelashes that you have.

I have determined that most people have at least sixty lashes per eye, so at here at Living Well Day Spa, conveniently located between Saratoga Springs and Clifton Park NY, the base level set of eyelash extensions is that magic number of 60 lashes per eye or 120 – which we call “The Bling.”  There are two larger sizes above that, “The Bling Plus” at 180 lashes and “The Big Bang” at 240 lashes and custom-sized sets at numbers in between and beyond.

So, the answer to this question is that if you have more than 60 lashes per eye, as many people do, you can have a larger set of eyelash extensions. In fact, you can apply lash extensions to all suitable lashes.

“Will my eyelashes look crazy?”

Adding more lash extensions will not make your lashes look crazy.  It makes your lashes look thicker.  “Crazy” results from lashes that are too long or poorly applied.

In the end, I applied a double set of lashes – 240 in total – or what we call “The Big Bang” to this client’s eyes.  She was ecstatic and looked absolutely gorgeous!  So lash away!