Lately, we’ve been seeing and hearing about problems with eyelash extensions.  On one hand, we all know that news has to be generated, so, what’s the truth about eyelash extensions?

Are lash extensions damaging to natural lashes?

So, let’s take a small step back.  Lash extensions are applied to the natural lash, so you have to have lashes to apply lash extensions.  If the extensions damage the lashes, there would not be lashes left upon which to place the lash extensions.

Now, I have been performing this service for nearly nine years and I have clients who have been with me almost that long.  They are still wearing their extensions and their own natural lashes are healthy and intact.

This being said, I have seen botch jobs first hand and have worked on fixing people’s lash extensions.

So, what’s the scoop?

First off, by law, lash extensions are only able to be done by New York State Licensed Aestheticians, Cosmetologists or Nurses.  Period.  Its also good to check whether the person has been Certified by a lash company.  Personally, I am certified by two lash companies.

Eyelash extensions are a very delicate service that combines the expertise of the practitioner, the quality of the materials used and the homecare of the client.  So, let’s discuss all of these things individually to see what can go right and what can go wrong.

The expertise of the practitioner is based upon their skill as a technician.  This results in the comfortability of the lashes and how long they last, since lashes are placed one extension to one lash.  Done correctly its a perfect match!  If the practitioner uses a lash that is too heavy or too long for the natural lash, the lashes may fall off faster, not be as comfortable and/or twist around.  If the practitioner uses too much glue, it can cause lashes to stick together and a clumpy set results.

The other expertise needed by the practitioner is their artistry.  How the lashes are laid out is of crucial importance to the lash extension job.  Does the lash tech have many lashes to choose from?  Personally, I stock over 50 different lashes, which gives me the ability to craft a perfectly personalized set for each person!

Next up is the product being used, or:  The Poop on the Product.

Lash extensions are single filaments adhered on a one-to-one basis with your natural lash.  They are not clusters of lashes or lash flares or strip lashes cut into pieces.  Adhering layers upon layers of lash flares can be damaging to the natural lash and is not recommended.

Also, lash extension adhesive is manufactured exclusively for lash extensions.  No other type of adhesive should be used.  I have actually had to remove other practitioner’s lashes that were put on with something that was nearly impossible to remove.  Not good.  The adhesive should be changed regularly so it is fresh.  All tools used should be soaked in hospital grade disinfectant, or thrown away.

The Bottom Line:

Ask around, get references, read reviews, ask questions, do your homework, look at pictures, select a qualified, talented professional and then enjoy your lashes!

When you combine a qualified lash stylist with high grade product you will have a beautiful, comfortable, easy-to-wear set of gorgeous lashes that do not endanger your natural lashes.