Since brows are like the frames for your eyes, they bring form and distinction to your face.  A well defined brow is an important part of looking sharp and put together.  So what’s available?

Best place to start is with the shape.  There are traditional shapes and trendy brow shapes.  It helps to look through magazines or take a picture of someone whose brows you like.  Professionals can help shape your brows with wax, tweezing, threading, semi permanent makeup (tatooing), henna, tinting and brow extensions.  Most importantly, you should trust the person working on your brows and explain or show the kind of brow that you’re looking for.

It’s very important not to over tweeze your brows.  Many older women confide that they over plucked their brows and now the hair no longer grows in those places.  You can damage the papilla – and the hair will no longer grow.  Personally, I think it’s best to allow your brow to grow out and then consult a professional who will work with your own natural shape – just cleaning them up and making them as even as possible.  I also recommend not tweezing the ends of the brow.  I notice that many women’s brows are not long enough.

Brows too sparse?  Uneven?  There’s several ways to fix that.  You can use brow pencil – picking a shade that works with your haircolor or brow shadow.  Feather in the pencil or shadow to augment your natural shape.  You can also have brow extensions, which are similar to lash extensions.  Brow hair too light?  You can tint your brow hairs darker or to match your hair color with a vegetable tint specially made for the eye area.  Brow tinting is not costly.  It’s quick and will last about 8 – 10 weeks.  It’s a great way to boost blonde or grey brows.

Questions?  Ask away!